I crawled to you last night, broken and lost,

Tearful eyes, my soul bladed, criss crossed.

No place else to hide, distorted thoughts,

No want to be, the life in me dwarfed.


I stumbled, I struggled, I fell into your arms,

My life in your hands, my tears in your palms.

You brushed off hair across my face,

I died in your arms, woken up by your embrace.


Middle of the night, I had no track of time.

I woke up to your voice, calming, sublime.

Your nervous hands, scared, shivering this time,

You lifted me up, smiled and said its dinnertime.


You fed me love, you fed me your care,

You kissed my lips, caressed my body bare.

You fed me hope, drowned in my despair’s,

You looked right through me, your fingers through my hair.


Tears and tears is all I spoke,

Love and helplessness is all he heard.

My feet in his arms, soiled, I soaked,

His breath on my neck, my voice it choked.


He put on all the lights, lifted me off my feet,

Dance with me to life, he said, let our hearts dance together to a beat.

Let’s be one body, make love on the sheets,

Let’s love each other, let our souls meet.


Let me breathe you in, and life back into you,

Let me devour your flesh, don’t fight back, don’t argue.

Let your hair overshadow my every sense of being,

Cling on to me, hold me tight, as if joined by a string.


Let me love you, for tonight, say that you’re only mine,

And when you wake up in my arms, I promise we will be fine.

I promise you a morning, a sun that shines,

I promise when you wake up, I’ll show you divine.

I promise each time I wake up with you,

There will always be a sunrise in my backyard.

I promise each time you fall asleep in my arms,

There will always be a sky light up with stars.



Shobhita Singh Parmar



The Dew Date



One glance across the window,
And I know you’re back.
The red’s merged by the blue’s, the grey,
You’ve here to brighten up my days.
Rain, my old muse, tell me you’re here to stay,
Tell me you’re tired resting.
Sing to me, lets dance away.
I’ve longed for you,caged withing these four walls,
The anguish of the summer sun, burning, as if wrapped in a shawl.
My flesh longing for the monsoon mist,
A downpour,a drizzle, any of your precious gifts.
And now that you’re here, celebrations will be shared,
Our little love story, this will be our secret affair.
Morning’s I will sing to you, for you, dance for me,
A cup of tea, my favourite book,and bring along the leaves.
I’ll read to you, the leaves can sway to the winds,
The birds will join us, can you hear them sing ?
Afternoon,I shall make you hundred’s of paper boat’s,
And we’ll spend hours racing them with the tiny toads.
Tiny drops of happiness you shower me upon,
Our day isn’t over, the celebrations have just begun.
At dusk, I’ll take you out for a walk,
You, me, I’ll dance till you don’t stop.
I’ll sing to you, for you have brought me so much joy,
I know im being selfish, but yet, don’t say good bye.
Stay a little longer, we still have the night,
Sing me to sleep, before they turn out the lights.
Promise me you’ll be back, I will wait for Monsoon,
I’ll make many more paper boat’s, come back to me soon.
Shobhita Singh Parmar 

The Dragonfly



Lost in green’s, Lost in the  beauty so vast,

You try to get a glimpse, my wings flutter so fast.
Folklore’s, stories, what all have you heard,
Everything but the truth, everything absurd.
Trapped in your bottles,being your best friend in the younger days,
Tricks up your sleeve to catch me, you’d find newer ways.
The joy on your face the twinkle in your eye,
The way you’d jump when Id fly by.
Oh Id do anything, to make you my only friend.
Trapped in your glass bottles,even though it was the end.
Id dance and sway and flutter my rainbow wings.
Id see  my reflection in your eyes, You were always my king.
My wings you would caress, colour’s  you’d admire 
My eyes you would look into, My life you would desire.
And in the green, among’st the beauty so vast.
You made me feel pretty,you’d hold me so fast. 
And when you plucked my wings,I never felt the pain.
Id scream with joy, feel beautiful, feel vain.
My colours on your fingertips, and I would cry
You make me feel so wanted, Id give up the urge to fly.
Without my wings, Id still flutter In your glass jar.
Your astonished eyes make me forget all my scars
And with my last breath, I would admire myself in your eyes.
So what If you destroyed me, You made me feel beautiful inside.
To the  world I was ugly, just another winged fly.
Shunned away lonely, lost in a corner Id cry. 
But to you I was beautiful,the twinkle in your eye.
And just so that you don’t forget me. My name is Dragonfly.
Shobhita Singh Parmar 

The Imperfect Two



From the moment I laid my eyes on you,
Each day of you more fond I grew.
And all though we are the most imperfect two,
There is nothing, not a single moment that Id undo.

With you I found my long lost hope,
Through bad times you held me, you helped me cope.
When drifting you held me close like a rope,
You held my hand trough the lows, and pushed me up the slope.

You are my best friend, the only one I’ll ever need,
You are the pillar to which I always lean.
When I fall down, you run to me at lightning speed,
Hell or high water, always together, we’ve agreed.

And with this distance, I don’t want you to forget.
For all your love and care I’ll always be in debt.
We scream and fight but there is not a moment I regret,
Not a day I’d preset, not a moment I’d reset.

I know you think we’re crashing, but we’ll be okay,
Coz you and I together, we’ll fight the toughest days.
And when we look back, and go through the replay.
We’ll always have each other, counting from today.

And all though, We are the most imperfect two,
There is nothing I’d do differently, not a moment I’d undo.
I’ll love you all my life and take care of you,
And with these words, I give you my heart,
I Do .


Shobhita Singh Parmar





Each day wake up as I, 
I fight to stare, my fears in the eye. 
The fear that I’ve been holding on to, 
Let go of them, and I want to start brand new. 

Start anew but I’m always taken aback 
Its like my mind is not on a single track.<br Continue reading

I Promise Thee



Let’s sit together in the shade, glare at the sun.

Among  the green blades,  Brood over what’s done.

Let’s think like two minds, and let the heart’s beat as one.

Let’s sit and laugh together, our memories on a re-run.


And let’s listen to the birdie’s song. Let’s try to sing along.

Now is all we have. Let’s make it count.

I promise every wrong done, I will set it right.

I promise you a rainbow, beyond black and white.


And I shall let you do it.

For once, let you give me what’s rightly mine.

I promise you my soul, won’t let you down this time.

Just close your eyes, surrender, to my love for you divine.


Divinity is all I need.  With every gaze, in every touch.

Our souls were meant to meet. So perfectly they seek,only each other.

And I am blessed for you are my ray of hope, you are my silver.

My morning sunshine, my midnight chaos, my west wind Zephyr


Mitchelle R Jansen & Shobhita Singh Parmar




P.s:- This beautiful conversation started with Mitchelle writing the first two lines and then I added on. And what started of,as a rhyming conversation ended, with us penning down these thoughts. What really surprised me is that we both, at a given time in the day, sitting at our office desks,cities apart,managed to still be in the same frame of mind, and managed to write this small poem. 

Mitchelle has a very beautiful blog which you must take time out to read. She has a heart that talks, and feelings that rhyme. That’s her blog. http://mitchellez.posterous.com/


You’re My Better Half


Every time we fight, each time we say goodbye,
I know something’s dying in me, I wont lie.
For moments I try to be strong, thinking of the pain, gone,
But I hear my strength shattering,by the break of dawn.

I cry and I remember,
How it felt when we were together.
When you just stared, watching me talk,
You singing in my ears, when we walked.
You holding me in your arms, and I’d look away,
Just telling myself, this is never ending,come what may.

And now im here all tears and cold,
I need nothing more than you,
To you my hearts sold.
You’re the shoulder I cry on, with you I laugh,
Lets get busy making memories, Coz you’re my Better Half.

So when I hear my phone ring,I know its you,
You’re miserable I know, and you’ve been crying too.
I pick up the phone and you’re voice I hear,
All trembling and weak,I wish I was near.
Be in my arms tonight, far form this day.
Far away from the pain, far far away.
There’s no goodbye, with you again I want to laugh,
Because you’re mine, you are My Better Half.



Shobhita Singh Parmar 

If Only




If only I knew how to say things right,
I wouldn’t be struggling with my words all night.
I would say everything, I would talk instead,
I would gather my thoughts, scattered in my head.
I would string my hopes, my love I would heap,
I would bundle my dreams for you, all my wishes you can keep.
I would whisper these words into your ears tonight,
If only I knew how to say things right.

In the darkest hours when you begin to sway,
You’ll find me by your side, an embrace away.
When you hurt with pain and with fear you tremble,
I’ll be your voice, your words when you fumble.
When you feel cold, I’ll be the sun you can soak,
When you feel empty, I would fill you with hope.
When you feel tired, I’ll be the pillar, to which you can lean,
When you feel dull, I’ll colour  your dreams.
I would whisper these words into your ears tonight.
If only I knew how to say things right.

Your pain I would heal,
Your dreams I would fix.
Bring you back your zeal,
Your wounds I would stitch.
Your tears we would cry, and together we would smile.
These light years between us, we would turn into miles.
This life just one, no seconds to waste.
Like shadows one day, into the darkness we’ll fade.
I’ll whisper these words into your ears tonight,
Because if I get them wrong, I know you’ll make them right.

Shobhita Singh Parmar

The Rover


If only I could stay

One more day.

Here, away,

One more day.

I’d stay and wait

For the sun to set,

For it to rise again

And lead my way.

 I’d leave my way but id remember,

The ways that are, the ways that were..

The ways that lead back home..

The place where Im not alone….


The place where I”d find ,

Faces familiar, similar minds.

The place above,

The place, I love…

The place where Id be..

All by myself.



So see u there, On the other side,

Above the rainbows,The river wide…

Across the mist and beyond the greens,

See you at a place unseen .


Shobhita Singh Parmar